The next phone call, the next email

You just never can tell in this game, this job, profession. You never know what’s next, what’s round the corner. One month it’s quiet, next month everyone wants you to be everywhere shooting everything. Then you get an email, a famous and respected photo agency is closing- gosh, jee, bad news for the industry, for your colleague, and you think to yourself “is it bad for me ?” Might be is the answer. But for the time being you’re busy, up to Tokai for nuclear engineers one day, down to Nagoya for rice scientists the next, then frivolities with geisha in town, a quick search with Google Japan over in Shibuya for business pages, a shot for a whisky company, and Sunday dinner date for pics at  Nobu but no dinner. And then there’s always next week, next month, next year in this game, what will it hold ? It’s changing so fast, tumultuous times, hold on. To know the answer you have to consult your Miracle Fish, find out your fortune…


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