Caribbean Wind.

So I’m on assignment right now, hence the silence on this blog, apologies. I’m on the final section of a 3 part assignment through the Commonwealth for a client, and as eve on assignment time is flying, time is busy…especially with this schedule.

Part 1 saw me go through eight Asian countries back in October and November. Then the epic that was Part 2 was in January and February, 18 countries through Africa, a monster of a trip, but incredible, tiring, exhausting, intense, hot, thousands of images, and great fun.

And now I’m in the Caribbean, a nice way to end this assignment. I’ve been on the road for a month now, through Antigua, Montserrat, Jamaica and a few more. I sit writing this in Miami airport, on my way from The Bahamas this morning to Belize this afternoon.  Still three weeks to go until my last destination for photographing, Gibraltar…

Royal Bahamas Defence Force Band member, in Nassau, The Bahamas. ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 2014, all rights reserved.
Royal Bahamas Defence Force Band member, in Nassau, The Bahamas. ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 2014, all rights reserved.

Postcard: Lesotho #1

My time in Lesotho was short but it was full of action, full of photos. And incredibly enjoyable. From the beautiful landscapes up in the mountains to the friendliness of the people, everyhing was great. I hope to go back some day, but it could be tricky to live up to this first visit…




Postcard: Swaziland #1

Beautiful Swaziland. The landscape was great, and for once I was out in the country, driving through the verdant greenery, up red dirt track roads synonymous with Africa and running…

Great place, but has seen troubles in recent times with the spectre of HIV, and a large percentage of people being infected, hanging over the population…

But now I’ve left Swaziland. There are inly two countries left on this stsge if this assignment, Lesotho which is my next stop, then South Africa.





Postcard: Mozambique #1

I went to Mozambique with the words of Bob Dylan’s song ‘Mozambique’ ringing in my ears. I wanted to see the pretty couples dancing cheek to cheek.

Outside my hotel in the morning, men and women would sit, walk or stand to pray. Some spoke quietly, others shouted to the sky and sea…


Postcard: Mauritius #1

Once agsin, like the Seychelles, our brief assignment time in Mauritius felt very unlike being in Africa. Again a reminder that you can’t really talk of ‘Africa’ as a whole, all the nations are very different.
This assignment has been a good geography lesson.
I didn’t shoot a lot here, so I’m afraid you get a swimming pool shot…