@EverydayClimateChange exhibitions.

Lots of good news regarding the @EverydayClimateChange Instagram photography group of which I’m a contributing member, and which was founded by Tokyo-based photographer James Whitlow Delano. We’ve managed to secure a few different exhibitions of the work, bring our important photographs documenting climate change off of the Instagram feed and onto the gallery walls.

Over the coming weeks and month or two there’ll be exhibitions of the work in Cascais, Portugal, another show in Verona, Italy and one in Glasgow, Scotland. Details of all three shows are below.

Trongate 103, Glasgow, Scotland.

This show is made possible by the generous support and assistance of Malcolm Dickson at Street Level Photoworks. The show will run from 4th October – 4th November. 

There will be a launch drinks reception, at which I’ll do a talk about the work and our EvrrydayClimateChange group, on 4th October, at about 6pm or 6:30pm. Check for details a little closer to the time!

This show forms part of Scotland’s Season of Photography 2018, and also part of the Season for Change (Artist’s responses to climate change).

Exhibiting artists will be James Whitlow Delano, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Ed Kashi, Matilde Gattoni, Nick Loomis, J.B. Russell, Mark Peterson, Mette Lampcov, Ashley Crowther, John Novis, Georgina Goodwin, Sima Diab, Elisabetta Zavoli, Suthep Kritsanavarin.

At Cascais in Portugal. 

On show at the Paredao de Cascais, Portugal, until 15th September. This is a free, outdoor event. Go take a look on your way to the beach.

Last year the City of Cascais engaged in a communication program to raise people attention about some central contemporary topics, one of these is the Climate Change.
The City of Cascais infact is already suffering from the impacts of this great problem with exceptional heat waves and sea level rise.

With thanks to the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Cascais (Portugal).

Show was made possible with help from Marta and Livia at Photo-Op Italy.

Natural History Museum of Verona, Italy.

The exhibition will take place at Verona’s Natural History Museum, from the 5th of October 2018 to 13th of January 2019. And is kindly technically supported by Fuji who will produce the prints.

There will also be a catalogue printed to accompany the show, printed by Silvana Editoriale.

Show was made possible with help from Marta and Livia at Photo-Op Italy.

EverydayClimateChange exhibition, Milan.

I’m pleased to announce that the EverydayClimateChange Instagram project that I am a member of along with repsected photographer colleagues across the globe, is exhibiting at the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, in collaboration with the Institut Français Milano for Expo2015, in Milan, Italy, from 29th July until 28th August.

EverydayClimateChange is an exhibition curated by James Whitlow Delano and Matilde Gattoni which presents the works of 25 photographers from all continents. The exhibition offers a new perspective on climate change, exposing its causes, possible solutions, the important role for food security and development, and loss of lands for indigenous peoples, amongst others.

If you’re in Milan please go along, take a look and show your support. Grazie!

Invito Mostra #EverydayClimateChange
Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei in collaborazione con l’Institut français Milano per Expo2015.
EverydayClimateChange – a cura di James Whitlow Delano e Matilde Gattoni – presenta il lavoro di 25 fotografi provenienti da tutti continenti. La mostra offre una prospettiva nuova sul mutamento climatico, denunciando il suo importante ruolo per la sicurezza alimentare e per lo sviluppo.

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My latest offering for @everydayclimatechange on Instagram, a shot I took on assignment for @Greenpeace — A massive iceberg floats in the Southern Ocean, off of #Antarctica. A report published recently in #Science journal states that the ice shelves around the edge of Antarctica are melting faster than previously thought. These ice shelves act as buttresses to the ice on land, and help slow the flow of glacial ice into the oceans. The West Antarctic Ice Sheet has been “long regarded as the more vulnerable part of the continent to climate change.”
To quote from the report, “The floating ice shelves surrounding the Antarctic Ice Sheet restrain the grounded ice-sheet flow. Thinning of an ice shelf reduces this effect, leading to an increase in ice discharge to the ocean. Using eighteen years of continuous satellite radar altimeter observations we have computed decadal-scale changes in ice-shelf thickness around the Antarctic continent. Overall, average ice-shelf volume change accelerated from negligible loss at 25 ± 64 km3 per year for 1994-2003 to rapid loss of 310 ± 74 km3 per year for 2003-2012. West Antarctic losses increased by 70% in the last decade, and earlier volume gain by East Antarctic ice shelves ceased. In the Amundsen and Bellingshausen regions, some ice shelves have lost up to 18% of their thickness in less than two decades.”
Read the full article in Science journal here: http://ift.tt/1D2rThh
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“Sailing to a better tomorrow” – Children of the #Beijing Golden Sail Dance Company run through a practice session. Founded in 1991, the dance troupe have toured worldwide including to the Edinburgh International Arts Festival in Scotland. Beijing, #China. #dance #dancers #dancing #arts #culture #cultural #education #Asia