A Contested Land, in Perth.

Pleased to announce that I’m exhibiting at Perth Museum and Art Gallery, along with my Document Scotland photographer colleagues in a show called A Contested Land.

The show opens today, 23rd April, and runs until 23rd June.

On May 9th there will be a drinks reception with talks by myself, Colin McPherson and Sophie Gerrard, at 7pm. It is free to attend, but to manage visitor numbers you need to book a ticket here.

Formed in 2012, Document Scotland is a collective of four Scottish documentary photographers, brought together by a common vision to witness and record important and diverse stories about Scotland and the Scots. Tired of the tropes and clichés which are often used to represent Scotland, their aim is to provide a more realistic view of their nation today.

Set within the context of contemporary political debate and social changes, A Contested Land consists of four new projects by photographers Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Sophie Gerrard, Colin McPherson and Stephen McLaren. Collectively, they examine the complex relationships between the nation’s people, history and land at one of the most important times in Scotland’s recent past.

The works reflect upon Scotland’s precarious environmental and economic landscape, within ongoing political conflicts that give these issues relevance and urgency. During both the Independence and European Union referendums, the word that dominated discussion was ‘change’ – it became the go-to for the dissatisfied. However, even with this uncertainty, the referendums have highlighted the fact that the Scottish people are proud of their identity and independent voice.

The four bodies of work presented in A Contested Land – exhibiting for the first time in Scotland at Perth Museum & Art Gallery, reflect upon the ongoing changes Scotland continues to face. The show was first exhibited at the MArtin Parr Foundation, in Bristol, in early 2019.

The show will then travel onwards to Dunoon Burgh Hall in the summer, FLOW Photofest, Inverness in September, and Photo North in Harrogate in November.

A Contested Land

Document Scotland’s A Contested Land has now opened at the Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol, England. The show runs until 16th March, 2019, before further showings in Scotland at Perth, Dunoon and Inverness. 

Document Scotland exhibition ‘A Contested Land’ opens at the Martin Parr Foundation, in Bristol, England, 15 January 2019. ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, 2019


It gives us great pleasure to announce that our latest show, A Contested Land, including my new body of work Let Glasgow Flourish, successfully opened last week at the Martin Parr Foundation. Surrounded by friends, family, colleagues and esteemed members of the photographic community, a lively evening kicked off the show’s run in Bristol.

With talks by all four Document Scotland photographers – Sophie Gerrard, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Stephen McLaren and Colin McPherson, the crowd was entertained and the works on the walls introduced before the socialising began over drinks.

With thanks to all who attended including Annie Lyden of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, David Hurn/Magnum, Homer Sykes, Tony O’Shea, Brian Sparks, Daffyd Jones, Miles Ward, Craig Easton, Toby Smith, Jon Tonks, and many, many more. And of course many thanks to Martin Parr and his wonderful team for their support, generosity and hospitality.

Document Scotland exhibition ‘A Contested Land’ opens at the Martin Parr Foundation, in Bristol, England, 15 January 2019. ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, 2019.


Document Scotland exhibition ‘A Contested Land’ opens at the Martin Parr Foundation, in Bristol, England, 15 January 2019. ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, 2019.


Document Scotland exhibition ‘A Contested Land’ opens at the Martin Parr Foundation, in Bristol, England, 15 January 2019. ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, 2019.


See more information about the show and the press release here.

Martin Parr Foundation
316 Paintworks
Arnos Vale

Gallery opening times
Wed to Sat, 11am – 6pm
Sun to Tue, closed

Free entry to all exhibitions.

Touring exhibition dates

– Salon event at Stills Gallery Edinburgh 7th February 2019 (evening).
– Perth Art Gallery and Museum – 20th April 2019 – 23rd June 2019. Preview on 19th April.
– Dunoon Burgh Hall – 20th July 2019 – 18th August 2019. Preview on 19th July.
– FLOW Photofest, Inverness, September 2019.

Unsullied And Untarnished, in Wales.

I’m pleased to say that a few images from my Unsullied And Untarnished series, about the Common Ridings of Scotland, will be travelling to Cardiff, Wales, early next month. The work will form my contribution to the joint ‘Common Ground’ show by Document Scotland and A Fine Beginning. This exhibition debuted at Street Level Photoworks in Autumn 2014, and will now move to The Millennium Centre in Cardiff, albeit with some updated Welsh work from the 5 photographers of A Fine Beginning.

Information about the show can be found here, Common Ground at Millennium Centre. The show will run from 5th February until 10th April, inclusive, and is free to attend.


Common Ground. One Welsh collective. One Scottish collective. New Documentary Photography from Scotland and Wales.

Inspired by notions of ‘home’ and ‘community’, Common Ground brings together new work from two photographic collectives taking an outward-facing view of their respective home countries of Scotland and Wales. Working with diverse themes and ideas associated with distinctive national and cultural visual inspiration, this collective exhibition welds them together into a cohesive narrative, at times overlapping and continuously referencing and complementing each other.

This important and timely exhibition showcases ground-breaking new work from some of Wales and Scotland’s most celebrated contemporary photographers.

Formed in 2013, the Welsh collective A Fine Beginning is made up of photographers James O Jenkins, Jack Latham, Abbie Trayler- Smith and Gawain Barnard and showcases contemporary photography being made in and about Wales.

Document Scotland, formed in 2012 by Colin McPherson, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Sophie Gerrard and Stephen McLaren, are responding to the global audience looking at Scotland at this, one of the most important times in the country’s history.

www.afinebeginning.com | @afinebeginning | info@afinebeginning.com

www.documentscotland.com | @DocuScotland

Document Scotland & Café Royal Books

I’m pleased to announce that my latest publication with Café Royal Books, North Sea Fishing, forms part of a limited edition box set along with books by my Document Scotland colleagues.

Published and released to coincide with Document Scotland’s The Ties That Bind exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, the box set is now available for pre-order.

North Sea Fishing will also be available by itself, outwith the box set, but not until October I believe.





The Document Scotland 2015 box set contains the following:

Sancta Maria Abbey, Nunraw — Colin McPherson
36 pages, b/w

Tunnock’s — Sophie Gerrard
28 pages, colour

Dookits — Stephen McLaren
28 pages, colour

North Sea Fishing — Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert
36 pages, b/w



Each individual title is an edition of 150.
Boxed set is an edition of 50.

Published on the occasion of Document Scotland: The Ties That Bind at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, September 2015 — April 2016.


Document Scotland’s ‘The Ties That Bind’

The below is the press release by the National Galleries of Scotland for the forthcoming show by myself and my Document Scotland colleagues.

Garry Ramsay, 'Right Hand Man 2014', Jethart Callant's Festival, Jedburgh, Scotland, 2014, from the series Unsullied And Untarnished. ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 2014, all rights reserved.
Garry Ramsay, ‘Right Hand Man 2014’, Jethart Callant’s Festival, Jedburgh, Scotland, 2014, from the series Unsullied And Untarnished. ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 2014, all rights reserved.



26 September 2015 – 24 April 2016
Admission Free | 0131 624 6200


Four of Scotland’s most prominent documentary photographers will come together to show new and recent work in a fascinating major exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery this autumn. The Ties that Bind is the brainchild of the photography collective Document Scotland, and has been inspired by the period of intense debate and self-examination among Scots, in the run-up to, and aftermath of the Referendum in September 2014. Each of the collective’s four internationally acclaimed photographers – Stephen McLaren, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Colin McPherson and, Sophie Gerrard – has created a body of work which considers a different strand of Scotland’s culture and heritage, and in the process explores very timely questions of personal and national identity.
For The Ties That Bind, McLaren, Sutton-Hibbert, McPherson and Gerrard have created four groups of work that consider legacy —Scotland’s role in the slave trade and sugar plantations of Jamaica in the 18th century; tradition —the centuries-old celebration of Border towns in the Common Ridings festivals; engagement —the devotion and commitment from football supporters in small towns and communities across the country; and the land itself —focusing on contemporary farming through the experiences of six women.

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