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Apologies for the lack of postings, it’s not for a lack of working. Life as ever continues a pace.

The main thing which has been taking up my time in the office is the launching and building of a new venture my myself and 2 colleagues. Along with Stephen McLaren and Colin McPherson, we’ve decided to use our collective pulling power, to pull our resources, our energies, contacts and enthusiasm and to promote documentary photography within Scotland.  As Scotland heads towards a referendum on independence form the UK in 2014 we all feel that it is an important time for documenting Scotland the Scottish people, taking stock of where the country is at. To this end we’ve joined forces, and Document Scotland is the start of our new era and new venture. So far, so good, the website is being well received, people are putting their weight behind it and we have plans afoot for growth, projects, and publications. For the next while I foresee that my energies will be moving this collective forward. You can visit here to see the Document Scotland photography website and to read more of our intentions, and to view work.

Document Scotland, documenting Scotland though photography.

I’ve also been spending energies watching football. Sounds like an excuse huh ? But alas, it is for work. I’ve started and committed to a new project called ‘Life In The 3rd’ (from which the above image comes), which documents a season in Scottish Irn-Bru 3rd Division football. The 3rd Division is this year graced by the presence of the mighty Rangers FC, taken there not by bad results on the pitch but by years of financial mismangement, poor financial results and irregularities, all of which culminated in Rangers being formed into a new company by investor Charles Green, and the club being reborn. Reborn, at the bottom of Division 3 from where they must climb back to the upper levels of European football.  This highly unusual season in the 3rd division started just as I moved back from Japan to the UK, and as such I decided I’d accompany Rangers to the small stadiums around Scotland, I’d see the landscapes, meet the people and feel the raw weather on my face. The project is of course ongoing, but some images from my ‘Life In The 3rd’ project are already up on the Document Scotland site. A larger edit selection of ‘Life In The 3rd’ photographs from Scottish 3rd Division football is available here on my archive site.

But even as my new life in Scotland resumes and consumes me, my work from Japan still gets aired. An image of mine, not particularly one I’d have chosen to single out and flag up, got chosen to appear on the Verve Photo website, which showcases a ‘new breed of documentary photographer’. I was of course honoured to be asked to have an image there, and to talk a little about the background to how it came to be taken. You can see the image below, and read about my anti-nuclear protest image on Verve Photo.

Tokyo anti-nuclear protest image on Verve Photo.

More updates to come. I promise.




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