Tinkling On The Ivories.

Last week, whilst taking a break from being a Scotland-based photographer, and instead masquerading as a Beijing photographer I had the good fortune to be taken to a piano factory for a photo shoot. I was having lunch and my guide/fixers said, “after here we’ll go to a piano factory”. I did a double take, quizzed them and questioned them just to be sure I’d heard right. “A piano factory?”. I mean a Chinese piano factory, it’s got to be worth a picture huh? And so after the 37th dish of food on the table, we finished lunch and went there…

And I walked in. And it was everything I hoped it would be, except could have done with a few more people. But there they were, rows and rows of pianos. “Can I climb up there to get a better vantage point?” I asked, pointing at the roof of a shed within the hangar sized factory. “Yes, no problem, we’ll get you some ladders”.

Xinghai Piano factory in Beijing…in todays Guardian newspaper.


And yes, I did try playing one of the pianos, even though I have no musical talent.

The image runs today in The Guardian newspaper across two pages as their Eyewitness image of the day. Later today, or tomorrow, you’ll be able to see it online, and on the Guardian’s iPad version. But for now, please go buy a paper, support the newspaper industry by buying a copy, and see this image at a huge size.




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