Glasgow, Scotland. ©J. Sutton-Hibbert 2002

It was the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, and a magazine, a large colour newspaper supplement magazine decided to photograph all over the UK. The events happening to celebrate the anniversary.  I was given two days and free reign to do as I wished. Anything to do with Elizabeth- streets named Elizabeth, street parties, hairdressing shops named Elizabeth, anything named Elizabeth. A great little job, an excuse to go out and shoot a slice of life. Not that you really need much excuse. I scoured local newspapers for announcements of events, and telephone directories for unusual business with the word Elizabeth in their name.

I found some street parties happening, one at a museum where people were dressed in period costume. Some girls put on a fashion show of clothes from the 1950s. I photographed backstage as they dressed and undressed, no one checking my ID to see if I was a legitimate press photographer.

I saw Henry the VIII driving in a Mazda, beside a boy dressed as a Rubiks cube.

I visited pubs in the East End of Glasgow and found people drinking under portraits of the Queen in full royal regalia, and for some reason the painting moved outside and I continued photographing, this time as young teenagers gathered around it. Sectarianism and bigotry weren’t far behind.

I photographed an owl at a display of wild birds, somehow it was connected with the Jubilee celebrations. Avian joviality. Some young kids taunted the birds.

Long Live The Queen.

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