A Portrait Of Alex Salmond

First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond, leading the country towards a referendum on independence from the UK. ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 2013, all rights reserved. Licence this image via Getty Images.

Is the man at peace with himself, or is he daydreaming? I shot this portrait of First Minister Alex Salmond yesterday down in Prestwick, Scotland. It wasn’t really a portrait shoot, but I was determined to get something more interesting out of the event for myself, something that went beyond the day’s headlines and press releases. Getting time with the First Minister to shoot portraits isn’t that easy these days, he’s busy, wary of the press, got lots of handlers to get through. So you make your own chances, take your own chances.

So in this photograph is Alex Salmond at peace with his decision to take the country to a referendum on independence, or is he merely daydreaming of the results? You decide, just as the voters on Scotland’s independence referendum will decide next September 18th, when Scotland goes to the polls to decide whether or not to stay within the UK.

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