Same Archive, Different Box: James Brown

©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 1998. James Brown in concert, Scotland.

American singer songwriter, the ‘Godfather of Soul’- James Brown in concert at Glasgow, in Glasgow, Scotland, 1998.

Way back when, my pal had a girlfriend, and they had tickets to go see James Brown in concert. Then my pal didn’t have a girlfriend and suddenly I had a ticket to go see the Godfather of Soul in concert. I also had a photo pass, as did my pal. So we went along, down the front of the stage. It was a good location, the stage was low, we were right there, practically on the stage. First three songs, no flash, but that was fine it was bright enough. James Brown came on, did his thing, got on up. It felt good.

The first three songs finished, I forget what they were, if I even knew them to begin with. Security gave us the nod and we were escorted out. And then we ran. Back to the car, drop our gear, our cameras into the back of the car. And then run back in, this time clutching our tickets. And up to the seats up in the Gods. And from there we watched as James Brown strutted his stuff, got wrapped in an American flag, falls to the floor, back up….

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