On show at Bursa Photo Festival.

Very nicely I’ve been invited to show some work at the Bursa Photography Festival in Turkey next month, from the 15th-21st. I was asked if I’d be interested to show my 6x6cm portraits from my Roma of Sintesti project, and of course I agreed. It’s always great to get some exposure and to share the work if others are interested.

So recently I did an edit, 10 old b/w pics and 10 of the later colour photographs. And interestingly at Bursa the exhibitions and images hang in public spaces such as bus stations or markets etc, so sounds great. I’m looking forward to see how and where my work is hung.

If any readers of this blog are going to be there at Bursa then let me know, and maybe we can share a cup of apple tea together. Hope to see you there. Thanks.


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  1. Reads as an interesting exhibition….kind of ties in with the back end of the bus exhibition in New Zealand!!!!! A new way to bring art and photography to the masses who would not necessarily step inside an art gallery.

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