Quiet in the vibrant library!

Shhhh. No photographing in the library! Turn your camera shutter to silent mode!

A visit to a library, and then another, and another. As much as I’m a reader, keeping my thirst for knowledge of the world around us satiated, I’m not often in libraries. That is until a recent reportage photography and filming commission for the Scottish Libraries and Information Council, when I undertook a tour of libraries around Scotland, photographing and filming their various projects and initiatives to keep libraries, and in particular, school libraries, vibrant places of learning which can compete for attention in the modern, multi-distraction digital world.

From Glasgow, to Aviemore, Inverness, Aberdeen and back, a multitude of schools and public libraries hosted me, and showed me around. This was a great photography job to shoot, coming on the back of a 100-days trip around Australia photographing for the Commonwealth Games. This library job let me reconnect with Scotland after almost a year on the road, and let me enjoy driving by myself, photographing and seeing places across the country.

Scottish Library and Information Council from JshPhotog on Vimeo.

Undertaking the logistics and organisation of all the shoot locations myself, juggling phone calls and emails, lining visits up in order, seeking out specifics and hunting for the unusual. It’s a great way of doing a shoot, keeping it all under control, and being manager of your own time and schedule. It can of course be beneficial to delegate this and work with a team, but on a job such as this one being left to it was the right way to go about it all.

The work has appeared in the SLIC ‘Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools’ brochure and report, and the filming I undertook, along with editing the final footage and assembling it all, appeared as a short film for social media use. Selected pages from the report…


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