Found In Translation


It’s always great to see your photographs in magazines and books, see how they’ve been used and see the layouts, the design…

This above spread comes from this month’s issue of Marie Claire UK, and is the opening spread of a 5 page travel article on Japan by Laura Miller. Four of my images, from my photography archive, grace the article. Both the photographs come from Kyoto, and show on the left – the Fushimi-Inarii Shrine with cherry blossom, and on the right is a portrait of a maiko (apprentice geisha), both photographs were shot in Kyoto. The article was picture edited by Kelly Preedy and Sarah Shillaker – thanks Ladies!

The title of the article, ‘Found in Translation’, made me smile a wry smile. Ever since Sofia Coppola brought out her hit movie ‘Lost In Translation‘ sub-editors throughout the land have borrowed and twisted the title to describe Japanese articles. This is at least the third article my pictures have been in which has the ‘Found In Translation‘ rift of the title. Sub editors gotta try harder to be original!

See more photojournalism and travel photographs from Japan on my archive site

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  1. Your shots certainly graced and added content to the article. I particularly like the sweet sot of Maiko.

    Alex at Calumet Glasgow.

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