Geisha photographs.

It’s always nice when a fellow photographer says to you, “Oh I saw your geisha piece today in the magazine, looked great. Lots of images”. And you say to him “What geisha pics ? What magazine?”, and then the story slowly unfolds that the agency that syndicates your work has sold a big set of your images and you weren’t aware of it. First you’d know about it is when your monthly sales report pops in as a pdf into your email inbox and you see the sale.

So it was on Sunday evening, at a small party gathering of Scottish photographers, all relaxing, eating and drinking after a busy couple of weeks of photographing in Edinburgh, and a good friend and colleague, and great portrait photographer Geraint Lewis, told me he’d seen a spread of my photographs of Japanese geisha in the Scotland On Sunday Spectrum magazine whilst he’d been in a bakery shop buying his lunch. This is how we find out about our editorial picture sales sometimes !

A quick email to the picture desk and I get back a pdf of the story, including the cringe worthy title. (If you don’t understand the title, or it doesn’t make you cringe then I don’t need to explain it.) So here it is, a double page spread of Japanese geisha photographs, shot in the town of Shimoda, Japan, when I was there on assignment with Justin McCurry of The Guardian. There was no article, just a small paragraph explaining the story that the three trainee geisha were selected after applying for the positions which were advertised by Shimoda city council via a work employment office. The Shimoda city council hope to keep the geisha tradition alive within their town by the appointment of the girls, and the girls will undertake geisha duties at local festivals and for tour groups and tourists.

Japanese geisha undergo training, in Shimoda, Japan. As printed in the Scotland On Sunday Magazine.

See the full set of photographs of geisha from Shimoda, Japan, here. Thanks for looking.

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