Cycle…like an Egyptian.

Ok, so it’s a corny title I wrote. Forgive me.

A couple of months back I had the pleasure to accompany Scottish adventurer and cyclist Mark Beaumont to Cairo, Egypt for the start of his AfricaSolo expedition, cycling from Cairo to Cape Town. he finally did the journey in a World Record 41 days, 10hours and who-is-counting minutes.

The pictures that I shot of Mark have been used pretty widely by now, but just popped inĀ in the past few days was this rather elegant magazine cover which I thought I’d share. I do like a nicely designed cover, and all the better when it’s one of my images.


And the same shot, or similar frame, on the website of Koga bikes, who built Mark’s bike and is one of his sponsors.

It’s always interesting to see multiple uses of one image, see how clients make use of them, and always a reason to shoot both vertical and horizontal images if it looks like being the kind of iconic image which will get used multiple times!




Right, I’m away to blow the sand out of my cameras…


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