Corporate view, Edinburgh photography


One of the great things about photographing in offices and boardrooms of Edinburgh, Scotland, is the chance for sneaky views of Edinburgh Castle! Yesterday was no exception, out on a shoot for a corporate client and there was a few moments respite and hospitality for one of their guests in an upstairs room…up in the elevator, out in the curved corridor with glowing wooden walls, and then into a boardroom with a view of the above! Edinburgh Castle!

Archaeologists have found evidence of life on the rock, upon which the castle sits, from as early as the 2nd century AD, and there’s been a royal castle on the rock since the reign of David I in the 12th century. Such incredible history in the city, and one of the joys of doing assignments there are the chances for different views, and to find out different snippets of information when talking with clients and the people I’m photographing. This job is always educational.

This was a quick iPhone pic, and obviously put through a filter for a quick bit of fun and then posted on my own Instagram account.

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