Knowledge of Noodles.

And then of course, when you do have photo assignment pics or films in the lab getting done, you need somewhere to hang out. Not all photo labs have a ‘coffee corner’. Here in Tokyo best thing to do would be to go on a two week holiday whilst you await your films being dev’d. Quick photo lab service is not something this country understands or knows. Shocking.

But, if you do have stuff in the lab, and are hungry, you should go get a bowl of ramen noodles. Ramen. There’s a whole world of ramen noodles. I’ve tried single handidly to see and eat that whole world, but failed. The salt intake was too much.

So imagine my pleasure recently when I get a magazine photo assignment to go shoot a reportage feature on the Tokyo ramen world and culture. Tremendous. Tasty. Is there an expense budget ? How many bowls of ramen do you need to buy/try for research purposes in one day ?

Well, if you’re in Japan, and you like ramen, these blogs below will help you find something to your liking. These gents helped me out with my assignment- (one assignment, one afternoon, 6 hours, 4 bowls of ramen, 3 tasty, 1 not to my liking). Their knowledge of noodles is encyclopaedic.

Go Ramen



Going to the lab.

Monday musings.

I was down at the lab today, getting some exhibition prints done. Frst time I’ve been to the lab in ages thanks to the world of jpegs, Photoshop, www etc. So anyway, I pull open the heavy glass door, and stroll into the lab, all nice clean surfaces, lightboxes, exhibition fliers etc. And the first thing I notice, that old natsukashi smell, the smell of chemicals – the fixers, the bleach, the dev. The stuff that gives you cancer, or so they say. Took me back to the days when I’d be in labs a lot more regularly. It’s the smell you instantly know. You can walk down a street, smell it, and you know there is a lab or happy snaps somewhere close polluting the environment.

I got nostalgic for those times in labs. When you’d meet other snappers by accident as you pour over your latest contact sheets. You’d chat, look at some work, maybe go for a coffee. Or, you’d be needing to meet some other snapper, to borrow gear, give back gear etc, and you’d both be in a rush, trying to decide on a place convenient to both to meet, but there was always one place you both had to go and that was the lab, so you’d arrange to meet there. The lab was a social scene not just a place to hand over your credit card every 2nd day. The lab was somewhere you could be kept in the loop, whilst in your hand you held the loupe. You’d hear of who’s up, who’s down, who is hot, who is not, etc.

Ach, those were the days. Maybe I’ll start a bar and call it The Lab.

New website.

Well, on the day that British political parties have to live up to their manifestos and show off their wares, so do I…and keeping in the spirit of the day – I’m relaunching myself. Or rather, relaunching my photographic portfolio website. So now, at Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert- Tokyo Japan based editorial /corporate / portrait assignment photography (And yep, lots of keywords in there- sue me) website, there are new bells and whistles, but same ol’ images. It might still get tinkered with a bit, we’ll see…

And in the transition this blog moved also and all the stills images on it didn’t, but I’m not too bothered there’ll be more to come.

So help yourself to a cup of Japanese green tea, sit back and (hopefully) enjoy my work.