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Archive: Death Stalks These Streets.

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Archive: Death stalks these streets. The streets of Shibuya, Tokyo. I’d just come off a train and lo behold there, up in front of me is a guy carying a huge fibre glass skull on his shoulders. I ran a few steps, to get side on and then in front, photographing a few frames. One thought I’ve never been able to shake though is that this guy was on the same train as me, in a different carriage- Can you imagine what that scene would have been like, him sitting in the carriage, massive skull blocking the aisle of the carriage ? Damn. Now there’s a picture which would have been worth having.

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  1. Loved that shot blown up big in the professional Photographer magazine, first time I’d seen it. Indeed must have been amazing in the carriage, just the other people’s faces and reaction to it looming in the back ground. Still well done getting this shot. Damon

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