Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

News from an editorial, corporate, portrait, reportage photographer. Based in Scotland, tel. +44-(0)7831-138817


  1. That`s a serious amount of work! But I bet there are some good memories in the boxes. Love some of the names on the side of the boxes and files: a tour of the world by obsure and not so obsure countries and peoples. Am intrigued what Folk trannies B+W slides might and other people`s prints. Hope you`re enjoying the summer.

    • Damon, hi,
      It says ‘Folio Trannies B/W slides’…a box of b/w trannies which used to constitute a folio in the days when yuou used projectors and carousels.
      “Other People’s Prints’ is a box containing prints given to me by, or swopped with, other snappers….and the odd few prints by reputable snappers which i’ve “obtained” during years of working in newspaper offices.
      summer’s not bad so far, rapidly passing by and becoming autumn…..
      cheers for your comments as ever,

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