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Nil Desperandum, portraits


Nil Desperandum – Don’t despair! The motto of the Bellahouston Harriers running club that I train with.

For the past few years I’ve been running with the club, based in Glasgow’s Southside and established way back in 1892 making it one of Scotland’s oldest running and athletics clubs. With a prestigious history, including Olympians, it’s become a welcome addition to my week and life. And nicely, being a photographer who runs, or a runner who photographs, I can help out the club by photographing a lot of  which benefits the club. I may not win them any running medals, but I can shoot some portraits and pictures which all help with raising the profile of the club!

I never imagined when I took up running what an impact it would have on me, and the multitude of benefits it brings, not just the ability to run a few hundred metres to catch a bus. Learning to be a ‘runner’, learning to be able to leave the house and knock out a 10km or half marathon run brings huge pleasure, and benefits to health and to mental health (important when for all but important for freelancers who can sometimes live in a bubble of their own profession). But the running also brings me mental fortitude which when times get tough, when the assignments slow down, or when you make a pitch for a big contract and then it passes by, then the ability to be tough, to stay the course and rebound strongly comes into play.

One of the other great benefits of joining the club has been the making of new friends and contacts, opening up of new conversations and experiences. Earlier this year I went with friends from the club for a drinking training weekend, and on the way back from a one mile time trial run on the Saturday afternoon I took the chance to shoot a few portraits of them against an old farm shed we passed. Proving true the old adage that the best camera you have is the one that you have on you.

For no other reason than getting some pics off my phone and laptop and onto the blog, and sharing some work from the past while, here are some iPhone-filtered portraits of my fellow Bellahouston Harrier runners. Nil desperandum.

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