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One thing I love about working as a photographer on editorial assignments and commissions is seeing how art directors lay out my work. A good magazine spread is so much more than just my images, a great art director, a great layout, an inspired design can make or break the article. So it is always great to see how work has been used, and it is always a pleasure when an art director adds to your image and makes a spread you can be proud of.

So it is with the below. I was away recently on that big 42-country assignment and I was emailed by art director Mark Wynne who had seen a few images of Andrew House, the boss of Sony Playstation, that I had shot and he wished to use one for an article he was preparing. Easy. Even though I was on the road I could immediately point him to my portraits of Andrew House held by Getty Images, and bang, we were in business.


Today I get the pdf of the article, and I’m pleased the portrait has been used well, and with a brave choice of white diamond box and text across the image, which in a way complements the graphic backdrop of the blinds in the Tokyo office where the image was shot. This corporate portrait was originally shot to accompany a newspaper interview, and once again is proof that as a photographer you have to keep your copyright of your images, as somewhere down the line, you can always licence them again for a second, third, fourth use…


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