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Love all.


New balls please. Love all. Juice. Eh, Bjorn Borg. Okay, that’s about as much as I know about tennis, not a sport I’ve photographed much of before, nor had any great desire to. But Wimbledon seems to have begun, going by the news, and I’m sitting here in an Osaka hotel room (of all places, here on assignment and today is a recce day with plenty of down time) editing images, and right now I have a have a set of images concerning tennis to look at, so, I thought I’d share one with you…

Roland Garros PR event, Beijing, China 2012. ©Jeremy Suttton-Hibbert 2012, all rights reserved.

A couple of weeks ago in downtown Beijing, whilst there on a photography assignment, I stumbled into a PR event for Roland Garros and Longines watches. As ever when out on the hunt for images, anything incongruous catches my attention, so even though tennis doesn’t appeal, I had no hesitation to take a look around, to look for images, to look for any pictures or moments that could tell the story of Beijing city and how it is changing, and of the new found wealth of many Chinese. I have no idea how popular tennis is in China, there weren’t many Chinese having a look around this PR event, but perhaps it wasn’t the best time to visit, it was midday and very hot. But I was happy, ball girls and ball boys were larking around and hanging about, giving me a few frames to shoot. Only thing missing were the strawberries and cream.

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