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C’est arrive!

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It’s arrived. Sometimes you do a photographic assignment, in Scotland or elsewhere, and your not overly bothered to see the resulting tear sheet, the resulting usage in a magazine or newspaper, or annual report, you know how it will look, or perhaps even, it was a shoot you managed capably but didn’t really feel a connection to for some reason. Perhaps the editorial assignment, or portrait assignment, wasn’t too exciting, or the resulting imagery wasn’t what you’d hoped might be. And then other times, you do a shoot, a reportage, or portrait, whatever, and you’re keen to see the tear sheet, you’re keen to see how it got used, how it was laid out on the page, the use of text and fonts alongside it.

The below was one such job, one where I was keen to see the usage, of a photography assignment here in Glasgow, to cover Rangers Football Club for the French paper Le Monde. Not a long assignment, but it fitted in nicely and came about because of a longish term project I’m presently working on, and there in lies the power of self initiated projects. Get out and do them, enjoy them and assignments will follow.

So the below assignment came in, job was shot, photographs sent to France, and today the pdf popped in of how it was used, and I’m pleased. The opening page looks dramatic, in your face, big and nice. The other smaller photographs are fine also, perhaps not exactly the images I’d have chosen, but I have no complaints, I can see why they have used every image they have, they all fit the article and brief perfectly. That’s my job, hear the journalist’s angle, his story, and make my pictures fit the brief from the picture desk, illustrate the journalist’s point. This time it’s worked perfectly between us. Job done, job done well, happy client, happy photographer.

Le Monde newspaper, France, 16th February 2013.



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  1. Interesting spread.

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