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Running around, traveling like a roma.


Sorry for the sound of silence, been busy, out there, shooting, looking for pics, trying to keep the wolves from the door. Also been traveling a bit on assignment here in Japan and Korea.

Nipped down to Fukuoka for two photography assignments, and three bowls of the Japan famous Hakata tonkotsu ramen. Had a bowl in Ganso Nagahama, a great place to shoot images, such as this one I love of a kettle and ramen (taken on a previous trip).

Then the traveling continued, back to Tokyo, then down to Osaka for a corporate job. The same job also nicely took me all over Tokyo, and all round Yokohama on an absolutely stunning day- one of the best days of photography I’ve had in a while. I was up early, out, me and my ego and cameras, down to the waterfront. The light was sunny and clear, fresh but getting hot. The pictures were everywhere, at every turn round, I nearly needed an assistant to shoot beside me the pics were coming so fast. And on my iPod a Bobby Dylan concert, followed by a Van Morrison concert, both classics. A great day of shooting and listening and walking and looking.

Then it was over to Korea for the same corporate job, a wee look round Seoul where I’d actually never been before. That was good, bit wet, bit thunderstorms and grey clouds when the client needed sun, when I needed sun. Made life a bit tricky, but I think I made it work. Not much music listening there, too much to look at and shoot and explore. For all my Yokohama day with music was great, I’m not actually too into listening to music when I shoot, it’s too distracting.

And over in Korea, on a day off,  I nipped up to the DMZ and had a look into North Korea, stepped into the Communist North for 3 minutes or so. But Kum Jung-Il was in Beijing, so I came back again.

And now, whilst I play catch up with business The Fader magazine, one of my favourites for it’s great design, layout and use of photography and typography, has run my Romanian roma portrait photographs on their website. They originally used it a while back in the magazine over 8 pages or so, but now in light of recent developments in France, with the expulsion of roma from the country, they’ve run it on their website. Please go take a look. Many thanks.

If you wish to see the full set of photographs of Roma gypsy portaits, from 1992-94, then please take a look here. Thanks.

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