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Oodles of noodles.

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One of the great things about being a photographer living in Tokyo, Japan is… the food. Cheap assignment, cheap portrait commission, cheap reportage job, cheap client, no expense account, and you need lunch ? Don’t worry. There is always ramen noodles. ¥1,000 buys you a great bowl of hearty nourishing noodles.
There’s only one way things can get better than noodles for lunch and that is noodles for lunch on expenses. Yep, a client calls, go here, shoot this, and whilst you’re there shoot us a small photographic feature on ramen noodles. Ha. Ya gotta laugh.

Well I did recently when that happened. I’ve written here previously about my photo assignment story about ramen for the Independent Magazine in UK, but this time it was a different client who needed a short piece shot. The journalist I was with was going to pen a mighty 800 words about broth and noodles. Doesn’t sound like much, but 800 words from his pen is equal to a tome from many others.

Photographs of ramen noodles, Tokyo, Japan.

So there we were down in Fukuoka, and we needed ramen before my portrait job that I was sent for, and then after the portrait job we needed more noodles. Fukuoka as any ramen otaku food critic will know is a good place for noodles. We were stuck for choice, but we managed. Intrepid explorers that we were we fitted in three bowls in a matter of hours, ‘Ichiran’ – a classic bowl that you can’t stop eating, and which you have to eat in solitary silence at your own individual little booth, and from whom the above ordering sheet comes), then another, ‘Murasaki’, which wasn’t so great (hey, the article needs balance right ?) and then last bowl of the day before the airport was at Ganso Nagahama, down in the docks. A cheap ¥400, a bargain for such a classic. And a good place to shoot, bright, nice kettles, no pretences, good firm noodles, smooth broth. I like the noodles and I like shooting there, stangely it was the second time in my life I’ve been there to shoot, so far to go for noodle photographs. The below image is from Ganso.

Portraits, corporate reportage assignments, editorial features, oodles of variety, oodles of noodles. I love this job.

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  1. A lovely potted account of the noodle.
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