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Behind the Scenes with the Greenpeace Tokyo Two


As I mentioned on a previous blog post here I’ve been working on and off this year on photographic assignment in Aomori, northern Japan, for Greenpeace covering the ongoing trial of Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki – known collectively as the ‘Tokyo Two‘.

In that previous post I talked of how I was trying to cover the court case photographically and how to keep it fresh, and about shooting a behind the scenes set of images in between the more newsworthy moments. And here it is, finally up on the Greenpeace website, a small slideshow of photographs of ‘Behind The Scenes with the Tokyo Two’. Not my exact edit or sequencing, but here it is none the less. You can see a larger selection of photographs of Greenpeace’s Tokyo Two court case here.

And whilst you’re on their site please take a look around at the various other slideshows and multimedia pieces.  There is a lot of good photographic work by my colleagues and also I have a few images dotted around the site in various places.

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