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What does photography mean to me?


For a few weeks now Grant Scott, of United Nations of Photography – an independent platform formed to encourage informed lens based media conversation and debate, has been making podcasts, sharing his thoughts on photography and the photographic industry in general. Grant’s experience in the industry, where has has worked on major magazine titles as art director, and commissioned many of the world’s top photographers, means when he speaks he speaks with knowledge.

In his weekly podcasts he has also been giving some photographers a few minutes of podcast air time to explain what photography means to them.  Very kindly Grant asked me to participate, and while speaking for over a minute longer than my allotted 5 minutes (apologies!), he has included my thoughts in his Podcast 18, which you can listen to below.


But don’t only listen to me, Grant has enlisted the help of many leading photographic figures in the industry, Ed Kashi and Tom Stoddart, to name but two, so please do go to his UNofPhoto Soundcloud page, and give all his podcasts a listen. There’s a lot of wisdom there to listen to. And it’s all free.

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