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Launching China.

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So it’s been a busy ol’ time as of late, playing a little bit of hopscotch with photographic assignments in Asia and within Japan.

Firstly I was across in Beijing and Shanghai, China, photographing on an assignment. It’s always very enjoyable to visit China, to see more of the country on it’s upward trajectory. Such a fascinating place and time to visit there, and this was my first time down in Shanghai which was very exciting. There’s so much to shoot over there. Some of the work wil be shown in an exhibition in London later this summer, organised by the Beijing Municipality, but I don’t have the exact details as of yet. Soon hopefully…

Below is a picture from Shanghai, an early morning wander along the iconic Bund. I was up and out early every morning, hoping for beautiful sunrise light, but alas it escaped me. But on my second morning in Shanghai, i was on the Bund, photographing a bride and bridegroom having their wedding photos taken, thinking, this is ok, not a bad wee picture to start to day, and then I glanced to my right, further along the Bund. And there were these guys, about to launch a Chinese flag kite. I had to run to make sure I got there before they launched…Thankfully I made it, and I felt bad for hoping the launch of China skywards was unsuccessful in order that I may get a 2nd bite of the cherry photographing the flag with the Bund skyline behind. And indeed my wish was granted, the kite’s launch was unsuccessful and I was able to continue shooting another few frames…

 Chinese flag kite on the Bund, Shanghai, China, 2012. ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 2012, all rights reserved.

Since the China trip there has been a lot to take care of, a lot of editing for the show and selection for the client, and other photographic assignments here in Japan, up to Kawamata near Fukushima for a magazine story about a silk factory, and down to Osaka also for two other magazine pieces. But perhaps more on them tomorrow, or a later date.

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  1. Fantastic kite shot…..

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