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Hello Paul Smith


All photographers have lists – lists of places they wish to travel and photograph, festivals or events they’d like to witness and photograph, places in their home town they want to record or document, or if you shoot portraits, a list of people you’d like to photograph.

For some time now Sir Paul Smith, of of Britain’s most well known and well respected fashion designers has been on my ‘Portrait wish list’. And yesterday I managed to shoot a few portraits of him, not in ideal circumstances, and not quite as I’d have liked, but sometimes you take your opportunity, and some opportunities are better than no opportunity.


World-renowned designer Paul Smith opens the 'Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith', exhibition at The Lighthouse, in Glasgow, Scotland, on 20 January 2016.  The exhibition, drawing from Paul Smith's career and personal archives and collections, runs at The Lighthouse, Scotland's Centre for Design and Architecture, from January 21st until 20th March 2016. The exhibition invites you into Paul Smith's world; a world of fashion, creation, inspiration, collaboration, wit and beauty. (J. Sutton-Hibbert/Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert)

Sir Paul was in Glasgow, Scotland, to open his new exhibition ‘Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith’ at The Lighthouse design centre. There was to be a press viewing and photo opportunity, and I availed myself of that opportunity. Alas it was a busy occasion, and the possibility of a one-to-one portrait session, with time, was not available.

But I do what I do. I’d adept at making the most of these situations. I work fast, I work around the obstacles, step past hurdles and still deliver, still bring back an image of use. Just like on many assignments, life throws hurdles at you, rugs are pulled from under your feet, but I keep calm, keep shooting, work around things and ultimately deliver. That, sometimes, is what clients are paying you for.


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