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September 27, 2018
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New work

Some new commercial work I photographed recently for the UNICEF UK website, for their new campaign about air quality and the rights of children to have fresh air! It was great fun photographing this, the children enjoyed getting stuck into bubbles and wind musical instruments, and using various concepts to illustrate air and breathing. Great fun taking the pictures and nice to see them used so well by the client on such a worthy cause.


And one below, from a previous campaign for Rights Respecting Schools. This one photographed in Wales.


September 17, 2018
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Nelson Mandela in Glasgow

My images, shot in 1993, of Nelson Mandela in Glasgow receiving the Freedom of the City, are about to go on show at the Glasgow City Chambers, from 26th September through to the 1st of November.  The show has been made possible with the support of Street Level Photoworks.

From Street Level Photoworks: Award winning editorial photographer Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert was one of the photographers there that day, and these images are a record of that event. Previously published as a pocketbook by Cafe Royal Books, this is the first time these images have been seen in Glasgow.

“…It is a privilege to be a guest of this great City of Glasgow. It will always enjoy a distinguished place in the records of the international campaign against apartheid.

The people of Glasgow in 1981 were the first in the world to confer on me the Freedom of the City at a time when I and my comrades in the ANC were imprisoned on Robben Island serving life sentences, which in apartheid South Africa then meant imprisonment until death.

Whilst we were physically denied our Freedom in the country of our birth, a City, 6,000 miles away, and as renowned as Glasgow, refused to accept the legitimacy of the apartheid system, and declared us to be free. And in a real sense we were free, because however cruel the treatment meted out on us in prison, we never lost sight of the vision of a new South Africa as enshrined in our Freedom Charter. The City of Glasgow in granting us the Freedom of the City also took upon itself a very special obligation. It resolved to do everything possible to secure our freedom from the prisons of apartheid. It took up our plight in Britain and internationally. For example, the following year the Lord Provost co-ordinated a Declaration signed by over a thousand Mayors from 56 countries across the world which called for our freedom. Then in 1985 it joined with over 100 British local authorities in petitioning the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, to press for my release. Such initiatives were thankfully successful…”

– From Nelson Mandela’s speech, 9th October 1993.

Glasgow City Chambers
82 George St, Glasgow G2 1DU
Mon – Fri, 8.30am – 5pm

September 17, 2018
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Portrait of Britain – winning portraits

Delighted that my portrait of Ian Borthwick, from my book ‘Unsullied And Untarnished, the Festivals and Common Ridings of the Scottish Borders‘, was chosen from 13,000 entries to be one of the 100 winning portraits in the British Journal of Photography‘s Portrait of Britain project.

If you keep your eyes peeled throughout September you may spot it on one of the JCDecaux screens in trains stations, shopping malls, bus stations etc.

The portrait also appears in the Portrait Of Britain book, printed by Hoxton Mini Press, which contains the winning 100 photographs and another 100 shortlisted images.

September 4, 2018
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What does photography mean to me?

For a few weeks now Grant Scott, of United Nations of Photography – an independent platform formed to encourage informed lens based media conversation and debate, has been making podcasts, sharing his thoughts on photography and the photographic industry in general. Grant’s experience in the industry, where has has worked on major magazine titles as art director, and commissioned many of the world’s top photographers, means when he speaks he speaks with knowledge.

In his weekly podcasts he has also been giving some photographers a few minutes of podcast air time to explain what photography means to them.  Very kindly Grant asked me to participate, and while speaking for over a minute longer than my allotted 5 minutes (apologies!), he has included my thoughts in his Podcast 18, which you can listen to below.


But don’t only listen to me, Grant has enlisted the help of many leading photographic figures in the industry, Ed Kashi and Tom Stoddart, to name but two, so please do go to his UNofPhoto Soundcloud page, and give all his podcasts a listen. There’s a lot of wisdom there to listen to. And it’s all free.

August 31, 2018
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@EverydayClimateChange exhibitions.

Lots of good news regarding the @EverydayClimateChange Instagram photography group of which I’m a contributing member, and which was founded by Tokyo-based photographer James Whitlow Delano. We’ve managed to secure a few different exhibitions of the work, bring our important photographs documenting climate change off of the Instagram feed and onto the gallery walls.

Over the coming weeks and month or two there’ll be exhibitions of the work in Cascais, Portugal, another show in Verona, Italy and one in Glasgow, Scotland. Details of all three shows are below.

Trongate 103, Glasgow, Scotland.

This show is made possible by the generous support and assistance of Malcolm Dickson at Street Level Photoworks. The show will run from 4th October – 4th November. 

There will be a launch drinks reception, at which I’ll do a talk about the work and our EvrrydayClimateChange group, on 4th October, at about 6pm or 6:30pm. Check for details a little closer to the time!

This show forms part of Scotland’s Season of Photography 2018, and also part of the Season for Change (Artist’s responses to climate change).

Exhibiting artists will be James Whitlow Delano, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Ed Kashi, Matilde Gattoni, Nick Loomis, J.B. Russell, Mark Peterson, Mette Lampcov, Ashley Crowther, John Novis, Georgina Goodwin, Sima Diab, Elisabetta Zavoli, Suthep Kritsanavarin.

At Cascais in Portugal. 

On show at the Paredao de Cascais, Portugal, until 15th September. This is a free, outdoor event. Go take a look on your way to the beach.

Last year the City of Cascais engaged in a communication program to raise people attention about some central contemporary topics, one of these is the Climate Change.
The City of Cascais infact is already suffering from the impacts of this great problem with exceptional heat waves and sea level rise.

With thanks to the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Cascais (Portugal).

Show was made possible with help from Marta and Livia at Photo-Op Italy.

Natural History Museum of Verona, Italy.

The exhibition will take place at Verona’s Natural History Museum, from the 5th of October 2018 to 13th of January 2019. And is kindly technically supported by Fuji who will produce the prints.

There will also be a catalogue printed to accompany the show, printed by Silvana Editoriale.

Show was made possible with help from Marta and Livia at Photo-Op Italy.