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Loggers at work, Papua New Guinea



Posted this morning on the @EverydayClimateChange Instagram account.
Photograph by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert @Jshphotog / @greenpeacepix —–

In cloying mud a worker struggles with a metal cable to secure a recently felled tree, to enable it to be extracted from the forest. It was common to see workers using chainsaws to bring down the valuable trees and in conditions such as these with no safety equipment or clothing, no boots, no gloves, no hard hats or proper clothes. Workers such as this man may find themselves working in a part of the country far from their home, living in ‘loggers camps’ where the prices of food in the store (owned by the company they work for) are not displayed and they only find out what they have spent when they see the deductions on their meagre wage slips. Should the men decide they’ve had enough and wish to return home to their families then they have to do so at their own expense, saving to buy the return ticket- hence the companies move the men to land far from their homes, a way of keeping them working, making it harder for them to quit.

This image was shot for @Greenpeacepix, in the forest near Morere in the ‘Turama extension’ logging concession, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea, Saturday 6th September 2008. These forests are being felled by Turama Forest Industries – a group company of Malayasian logging giant Rimbunan Hijau. @Greenpeace state that up to twenty percent of global greenhouse emissions annually are caused by the deforestation of natural forests worldwide.

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