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Kaleidoscope Multiverse…

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This is why it’s important to always keep the copyright to your own images, and to have them in an agency working for you…

Last night I nipped down the local supermarket here in Glasgow, Scotland, as you do, last minute baguette to go with dinner, and as ever when sent to the supermarket I walk past the magazines and newspapers, scan the headlines, scan the covers for anything that jumps out. Not particularly looking for my own photos, more just scanning them all to see what is happening in life, see any nice designs or some image by someone else which is a beauty. So last night, one jumped out, I thought, huh, that looks like an image I took. And the funny thing was I wasn’t sure, as it could have been a scene shot by any photographer, but there was a silhouette of a head in the bottom right corner, and it struck a chord with me, seemed to be something I remember from my own shot of that scene in Harajuku shopping mall, in Tokyo from a year or two back.

Anyway, as you do, flick to the contents page and scan for a byline, and yep, my name, my agency. Excellent. A baguette and a magazine cover. Worth nipping out for.



To see the full image, uncropped, unobscured with text then take a look here, photograph of Harajuku mirrored shopping mall, Tokyo, on Getty Images.



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  1. Ahh…never a dull moment.:)

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