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DOC003, free iPad digital magazine


The homepage of Document Scotland's DOC003 iPad magazine.

The homepage of Document Scotland’s DOC003 iPad magazine.


Sorry for the silence, it’s been a busy spell. A nice assignment landed in my net, after me spending a bit of time trying to reel it in and as a result I’ve been away. But more on that later, first let’s back track a little and catch up…

My Document Scotland colleagues, ┬áColin, Sophie , Stephen, and I have released a digital magazine for viewing in iPads. Working in conjunction with those very nice people at Start Digital, Thomas and Yeo, we’ve built a fully interactive magazine which showcases some of the work we’ve been undertaking recently. The magazine, imaginatively titled Document Scotland DOC003, is available now from the iTunes store for FREE download. Don’t all rush at once…

Each of the four of us has included one full feature, or photoessays, and also a single image. There’s also an editorial essay…

I decided to include a recent project, Edge of the Empire, about Scotland’s Roman Antonine Wall, which runs roughly from Old Kilpatrick near Glasgow, on the west coast, through to Bo’ness, north of Edinburgh on the East coast. ┬áSome of the image are portraits of the living history enactment group the Antonine Guard, as per below…

Ron Greer, of the Antonine Guard.

Ron Greer, of the Antonine Guard.

The Antonine Wall, on Document Scotland's iPad magazine.

The Antonine Wall, on Document Scotland’s iPad magazine.

Other photography essays include Colin’s epic documenting of the Scottish salmon fishing industry, Sophie’s look inside the iconic Tunnock’s Teacake factory, and Stephen’s look at the Dookit pigeon houses of Glasgow. Remember, it’s free to download, so if you’ve got an iPad, give it a shot, have a look.

It’s all Scottish, it’s all documentary photography. It’s all free.



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