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Back up, back up!


It”s like a post-party hangover. You undertake a 7-week, 18-country assignment, and then you awake and there’s a big clean up to do…

Thankfully on my recent trip through the African continent, from Sierra Leone eastwards to Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, then south all the way to South Africa, my images were sent back to Glasgow to my client on a daily basis. So I didn’t return home to any massive edit to do, everything was done and dusted on the road, and many of the roads I travelled were very dusty.

The only thing remaining on my return was the inevitable little laundry, a little rest, say hello to the family (hey, remember me?) and of course the backing up! All the photography work shot was backed-up to 3x 1TB portable harddrives whilst travelling, on a nightly basis, before the camera’s flash cards were formatted ready for the next day’s shooting… But of course when I get back the whole shoot, all 625GB of it, needed to be added to my main archive drives, and imported into my main Lightroom archive catalog. So, now as I sit typing this, scroll bars are scrolling, lights blinking, everything is transferring across. And then I do it again and again. My main archive exists in triplicate, 3 identical sets of drives, all kept in separate locations, so everything gets backed up 3 times. Cautious, moi? Oui.  The edit of the assignment has already also been backed up to my online archive.

And then, once it is backed-up it’s over. That section of the job is done. Part 1 of this assignment was 8 countries through Asia, Part 2 was this 18-country African rollercoaster. Next up, Part 3 begins in late March, a trip through the Caribbean for 7 weeks, I”m not sure how many countries, about 10 or so I think. Only one more thing to do and that is to renew my passport!


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