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So at present I have some photographs being exhibited along with those of my Document Scotland colleagues at the beautiful Impressions Gallery in Bradford, in a show titled Beyond The Border.

The info below, from the Gallery website, tells you a little more about the exhibtion and what each of us is showing.

A couple of weeks ago we made the journey to Bradford and ghave talks to an audience on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I spoke about my project on the Antonine Wall, the former north western frontier of the Roman Empire, which carves its way across central Scotland. In this following audio track and film you can hear me speak with curator Anne McNeill about my project, and then also you can hear my colleagues discuss their projects. Please take a listen.

And if that wasn’t enough, then there is also a pdf of a Q&A the gallery did with Document Scotland about the motivation behind our projects, our photography and how we work. It’s worth a read to get a feel of how four different individual photographers think and explore a subject. (And here is an exhibition guide for the Beyond The Border show).

From the Gallery website: “Set against the backdrop of the historic referendum on Scotland’s Independence, Beyond the Border brings together four Scottish photographers, each with a distinctive view of a nation in the midst of intense debate about its future.

This international premiere – one of the most significant shows of new Scottish photography in a generation – aims to challenge clichés and explore the country, its people and identity.”

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert’s Edge of an Empire brings history to life in a fascinating study of the Antonine Wall, the northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire, as the wall crosses through central Scotland attracting visitors and living history groups alike.

You can watch me interviewed about my Antonine Wall photography work on this little Youtube video.


And for my colleagues from Document Scotland:

Sophie Gerrard’s Drawn to the Land is an intimate look at the role woman play in shaping the rural Scottish landscape. From Highland crofters to Lowland farmers, Gerrard explores how their lives interrelate with the land in which they live and work.

Stephen McLaren reveals the world of Americans with Scottish ancestry who retain close affinity with the ‘Old Country’, even through they may never set foot there. McLaren’s seriesAmerican Always, Scottish Forever depicts the athletes, musicians, artists, and visitors attending California’s burgeoning Highland Games season.

Colin McPherson presents A Fine Line, a year-long exploration of the physical border between Scotland and England, examining and questioning the very nature of the frontier and how it looks from the Scottish side.

Together, the four photographers are Document Scotland, a collective formed in 2012. Sophie Gerrard says,  ‘We share a common vision to witness and photograph the important and diverse stories within Scotland, and to promote and support photography in Scotland’. Colin McPherson says, ‘the work in Beyond the Border is neither overtly political nor partisan, but aims to record and disseminate ideas and themes surrounding this pivotal moment in the nation’s history’.

The vote to decide whether Scotland becomes an independent nation takes place on 18th September 2014.

Beyond the Border is curated by Impressions Gallery’s Scottish-born director Anne McNeill.


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