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September 5, 2015
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Unsullied And Untarnished

In time for Document Scotland’s ‘The Ties That Bind‘ show at the Scottish national Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh (from Sept 26th) I’ve published a book of photographs from my recent project ‘Unsullied And Untarnished‘.

The info below, with a couple of spreads, gives you a flavour of the book which contains mainly portraiture with some reportage. I’ve been fortunate and feel honoured that photojournalist Harry Benson, honorary patron of Document Scotland, has written a little foreword for the book, and Alex Massie, Scotland editor of The Spectator, has written a beautiful essay for the book which explains the Common Riding festivals, and what they mean to the participants and communities. It’s a great essay.

The book will be on sale at selected venues very shortly, but in the meantime you can order it via my website, or via the link below. Thank you for taking a look, and if you’ve any questions please drop me a note.


Unsullied And Untarnished, by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

Unsullied And Untarnished, by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert


Unsullied And Untarnished’ – A photographic portrait of the people of the towns of the Scottish Borders who each year undertake the maintaining of tradition, commemorating their local history and strengthening the bonds of their communities, during the annual Common Riding festivals of the summer months.

Braw Lassies and Honest Lads, Left Hand Lassies and Right Hand Men, Cornets, Hunters and Coldstreamers – all titles given to the upstanding youths who lead the festivities, and whose duty it is to carry the burgh or town standard around the common lands, to “bring it back unsullied and untarnished”.

ISBN: 978-0-9933742-0-3
96-pages, hardback, embossed cover.
58 Photos.
Foreword by photojournalist Harry Benson CBE
Essay by Alex Massie (Scotland editor of The Spectator)
RRP: £16.95

‘Unsullied And Untarnished’ forms Jeremy’s contribution to Document Scotland’s ‘The Ties That Bind’ photography exhibtion at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, from 26th Sept 2015 – 26th April 2016.
@DocuScotland #NGSTiesThatBind

Unsullied And Untarnished, by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

Unsullied And Untarnished, by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert


“Jeremy’s interest lies in photographing people both in their own environment and in the more tightly drawn framework of individual portraiture. In his new book Jeremy turns his camera on the Common Riding festivals of the Scottish Borders and goes in-depth to reveal the myriad of people who are a part of this historical tradition. It is with this book that Jeremy continues the steadfast tradition of Document Scotland.” – Excerpt from Unsullied And Untarnished foreword by photojournalist Harry Benson CBE.


Unsullied And Untarnished, by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

Unsullied And Untarnished, by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

Three excerpts from essay, Unsullied And Untarnished, by Alex Massie:

 “Some of these ridings and festivals are ancient, stretching back five centuries and more. Others are more modern but, whatever their roots and antiquity, they have something in common. They are annual gatherings of remembrance and celebration; affirmations that though these may be small places there is nothing small about coming from Kelso or Galashiels, Lauder or Langholm.”

 “These festivals are not flashy, for the Border towns are not flashy places….They are an argument for the small places – none of the Border towns, not even Galashiels and Hawick can count as metropolises – and the importance and permanence of place. They maintain the golden threads that stretch back through the ages to a time when the world was a younger place. These festivals are the guardians and custodians of memory and without memory, what does identity matter?”

“Every Common Riding is unique yet, in this important respect, each is just the same as last year’s festivities. These are the permanent things; the ties that bind a people together, that insist upon the specialness of a particular small patch of Scotland. They are the things that make a difference, the things that matter most.
And if you listen carefully you will still hear the hoofbeats of history commanding us to remember and celebrate who we are and whence we have come.”

Unsullied And Untarnished, by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

Unsullied And Untarnished, by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

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Unsullied And Untarnished

Unsullied And Untarnished, by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

Unsullied And Untarnished, by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert



September 3, 2015
by Admin

Document Scotland & Café Royal Books

I’m pleased to announce that my latest publication with Café Royal Books, North Sea Fishing, forms part of a limited edition box set along with books by my Document Scotland colleagues.

Published and released to coincide with Document Scotland’s The Ties That Bind exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, the box set is now available for pre-order.

North Sea Fishing will also be available by itself, outwith the box set, but not until October I believe.





The Document Scotland 2015 box set contains the following:

Sancta Maria Abbey, Nunraw — Colin McPherson
36 pages, b/w

Tunnock’s — Sophie Gerrard
28 pages, colour

Dookits — Stephen McLaren
28 pages, colour

North Sea Fishing — Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert
36 pages, b/w



Each individual title is an edition of 150.
Boxed set is an edition of 50.

Published on the occasion of Document Scotland: The Ties That Bind at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, September 2015 — April 2016.


September 3, 2015
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Document Scotland’s ‘The Ties That Bind’

The below is the press release by the National Galleries of Scotland for the forthcoming show by myself and my Document Scotland colleagues.

Garry Ramsay, 'Right Hand Man 2014', Jethart Callant's Festival, Jedburgh, Scotland, 2014, from the series Unsullied And Untarnished. ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 2014, all rights reserved.

Garry Ramsay, ‘Right Hand Man 2014′, Jethart Callant’s Festival, Jedburgh, Scotland, 2014, from the series Unsullied And Untarnished. ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 2014, all rights reserved.



26 September 2015 – 24 April 2016
Admission Free | 0131 624 6200


Four of Scotland’s most prominent documentary photographers will come together to show new and recent work in a fascinating major exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery this autumn. The Ties that Bind is the brainchild of the photography collective Document Scotland, and has been inspired by the period of intense debate and self-examination among Scots, in the run-up to, and aftermath of the Referendum in September 2014. Each of the collective’s four internationally acclaimed photographers – Stephen McLaren, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Colin McPherson and, Sophie Gerrard – has created a body of work which considers a different strand of Scotland’s culture and heritage, and in the process explores very timely questions of personal and national identity.
For The Ties That Bind, McLaren, Sutton-Hibbert, McPherson and Gerrard have created four groups of work that consider legacy —Scotland’s role in the slave trade and sugar plantations of Jamaica in the 18th century; tradition —the centuries-old celebration of Border towns in the Common Ridings festivals; engagement —the devotion and commitment from football supporters in small towns and communities across the country; and the land itself —focusing on contemporary farming through the experiences of six women.

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September 2, 2015
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Fukushima and Photography.

Last month I had the pleasure of sitting down, at Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow, with Japanese photographer and daguerreotypist Takashi Arai to discuss photography and the Fukushima nuclear incident in Japan.

I have known Takashi-san since my Japan days, and since March 11th 2012, when the Great East Japan earthquake struck, both Takashi and I have in our own ways and through our own photography photographed the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the consequences of it for large swathes of Japan and the population. In the below video, which sadly only records the first half of the talk, we discuss our respective works and photographs.

Takashi-san’s book, of his daguerrotype work, including his images from his nuclear project, ‘Monuments’, is now released, in a limited edition of 1,000. Takashi Arai ‘Monuments’.


August 6, 2015
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Cycle…like an Egyptian.

Ok, so it’s a corny title I wrote. Forgive me.

A couple of months back I had the pleasure to accompany Scottish adventurer and cyclist Mark Beaumont to Cairo, Egypt for the start of his AfricaSolo expedition, cycling from Cairo to Cape Town. he finally did the journey in a World Record 41 days, 10hours and who-is-counting minutes.

The pictures that I shot of Mark have been used pretty widely by now, but just popped in in the past few days was this rather elegant magazine cover which I thought I’d share. I do like a nicely designed cover, and all the better when it’s one of my images.


And the same shot, or similar frame, on the website of Koga bikes, who built Mark’s bike and is one of his sponsors.

It’s always interesting to see multiple uses of one image, see how clients make use of them, and always a reason to shoot both vertical and horizontal images if it looks like being the kind of iconic image which will get used multiple times!




Right, I’m away to blow the sand out of my cameras…